I Believe I am Prone to Anxiety and Here’s Why

Prone to anxiety

Growing up I was known as the chicken. It may not seem very nice (and it didn’t feel very nice either) but honestly, it was the truth. I was always scared. I felt like nothing was in my control and the world was just spinning around me. I was also very shy which did not help. I am the oldest of my brothers and sisters and neither I nor my parents realized that I was prone to anxiety.

My immigrant parents, both being products of their generation, would have been like huh? if someone would have said that I had anxiety. Not because they wouldn’t have known what that meant but because that was not something spoken about much. Now though, my mother is almost an expert on it since 4 out of 7 of her children have some form of anxiety.

Yes, mom, we’re prone to anxiety

Which brings me to why I believe I have it. If you were to ask my mom she will tell you she doesn’t have anxiety. But, I do remember her reaction to certain anxious situations being, to be polite, excessive. She also has siblings that suffer from some type of anxiety too. So, I believe that my anxiety and my siblings anxiety is partly due to genetics.

A study showed that you were more likely to suffer from anxiety if one of your parents had it too. Especially panic disorder, social anxiety (bingo) and specific phobias (yup, I have a fear of flying and of heights, too). Some of my children are also prone to anxiety (sorry kids) cementing my belief that genetics plays a big role in why some of us are more prone to anxiety than others.

Genetic anxiety is not hopeless

Does being prone to anxiety mean curing it is hopeless? No, just like anxiety caused by other factors , genetic anxiety is also treatable. Knowing that it isn’t “all in your head” will also help in knowing what type of natural treatments would be best for you.

There are other reasons for anxiety, but if you were wondering why you have it, looking into your family history may give you answers. If you don’t think genetics play a role in your anxiety then maybe environmental issues are causing your anxiety.  Read my post is your environment causing your anxiety.

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“If you’re going through hell, keep going” Winston Churchill


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