Passionflower for anxiety

Passionflower (passiflora incarnata) is a perennial climbing vine that grows in the United States, Central and South America. The Passionflower is believed to have been used by Native Americans as far back as the 1500’s. The entire vine is used in herbal preparations, teas and food. There are over 500 species and there is reason to believe that all species are good for anxiety.

Relax, here have some fruit

My sister lived in Brazil for awhile and she said when someone was stressed out they were told to go eat some maracuja. Maracuja is the Portuguese word for passion fruit. The species of Passionflower that makes fruit in tropical climates is passiflora edulis. Passiflora incarnata also makes fruit and is known in some regions as Maypop. If you are able to get the fruit it won’t hurt to eat it and it is delicious.

Passionflower, you’ll always have a place in my home

Passionflower is a staple in my home. It is one of the herbs I used in my blend when I was having panic attacks. It has no known side effects and works extremely well. I usually buy a ready made tincture. I have also started trying to make my own tinctures and I will post the results soon.

Passionflower has been shown to help with anxiety, insomnia and even pain. It can be used as a tea, tincture or in capsule form. For mild anxiety the tea might work well but in my opinion, drinking tea, while a calming experience in itself, won’t do much for more severe anxiety. It’s not that I don’t think teas work, it’s just that I don’t think Passionflower as a tea is strong enough. Read my post do herbs and other natural treatments really work to find out why I believe Passionflower and other herbs do work and why I think they don’t work for some people.

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I really like tinctures

I believe a tincture is the way to go. The taste may put you off but really it’s usually the alcohol in the tincture that tastes so strong. There are non-alcohol based tinctures for people who need to stay away from it. However, herbalists all agree that alcohol extracts more of the components from herbs than glycerin does (commercial tinctures are usually made with alcohol, glycerin and very rarely, apple cider vinegar). So, if the alcohol doesn’t bother you then go for it. I take the glycerin tinctures sometimes, but frankly, I find them too sweet (this is why they are good for children).

I like the apple cider vinegar, but unfortunately commercial tinctures are rarely made with it. So, I decided to try making my own and currently have a batch of passionflower “brewing” in apple cider vinegar. I will post the results of that “brew” later.

My dosage: 4 dropperfuls – A dropperful is whatever amount comes up into the dropper when you squeeze the top. This is less than what I took for panic attacks. I take this amount as needed throughout the day with no problems. This is a very safe herb.

When purchasing a commercial tincture I prefer the Herb Pharm brand of tinctures. I have found their products to be high quality. When I haven’t been able to find the herb tincture I want from Herb Pharm I will then buy the Hawaii Pharm brand.

There are capsules available too if you would prefer to take those. I like the Gaia brand because their capsules are usually liquid filled and so are more readily absorbed by the body. However, Gaia did not have, or at least I was not able to find, one of their capsules that had just Passionflower in it. The above link is a blend they make for anxiety.

Try it you’ll like it

Whether you choose to use a tincture, capsules or a tea, Passionflower is an herb that everyone with anxiety should use. Safe, effective and makes delicious fruit. What more can you ask for?

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“If you’re going through hell, keep going” Winston Churchill

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