About Me

“Anxiety has nothing to do with courage or character, nothing at all”

Hi and welcome to Curing Anxiety Naturally. I’m the Herbal Maven and I struggle with anxiety. Not only do I struggle with it but I have family members and friends who also have anxiety. It almost seems like an epidemic.

I started this blog to share with others the things I have tried for treating my anxiety and the things family members and friends with anxiety have tried, too. I would also love to hear what others have tried and how it worked out for them.

I really, really love natural stuff

As my blog name states I am a lover of herbs and also of all things natural. I’m also a mother of 3, grandmother of 4, and the oldest of 7 siblings. For about 30 years, I have studied and used natural remedies for all sorts of mental and physical issues I have had as well as issues family and friends have had too. Many of my family members and friends, knowing my interest in all things natural, would come to me asking about treating a cold, flu, joint pain, stomach problems and all sorts of other health problems.

In the last few years anxiety seemed to be the issue I was getting asked about the most. Since I had always turned to natural remedies like herbs and supplements to treat other health problems, and given the fact that anxiety is something I’m familiar with, I thought why not do some research and see what’s available.

Anxiety is a tough one

What I found was that unlike the cold or flu, anxiety is not easy to treat. It doesn’t go away by simply taking more vitamin C and boosting your immune system. While many of the physical symptoms of anxiety seemed to be the same for many people, just as many were not. During an anxiety attack, one person may have heart palpitations (me) while another person might not have palpitations, but may feel like their entire body is going numb. According to calmclinic.com there are 241 different symptoms of anxiety!

We can do it

What I did find was that treating anxiety naturally, while not easy, can be done. So, I will be posting my experiences using herbs, supplements, exercise and other holistic methods to treat anxiety. I’ll also discuss the exact products I used and why.

Sometimes, especially when we’re having a “bad” anxiety day (not that there are ever “good” anxiety days, but some are better than others), it can seem like we will never feel better. Trust me, I know it can seem that way but I also know that it can get better.

Why am I anxious?

Now, have you ever thought about why you have anxiety? I’m not talking about the specific fear or phobia you may have but the underlying reason why. Could genetics, brain chemistry, environmental or medical issues be the reason for your anxiety?

Find out what I believe is the underlying issue that causes my anxiety.

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“If you’re going through hell, keep going” Winston Churchill